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MPI12 Monte Carlo

We noticed the recent developments on multi- and double parton pdfs, QCD analysis of double parton scattering, new MC developments on MPI and new tunes, as listed below and would be interested to know if you have additional material that should be mentioned in this context.


We  think that the following list of questions are important to be addressed:

-  What is the connection between recent theory developments and MC developments?

-  Can we think about more exclusive observables with sensitivity to MPI?

-  We observe that identified particle spectra and their ratios at LHC are not always well described by the models. Does MPI influence the hadronisation?  If so, can we quantify the effect with respect to the hadronisation measured at LEP? Can we think of specific observables to answer these questions? 

- Can we connect pQCD to color reconnection? What is the uncertainty on observables due to color reconnection?

- Does MPI need a different tuning for MC setups where the shower and MPI generation is matched to a NLO ME generator?



- Multiparton pdfs and factorization in  multiparton interaction 

- A QCD Analysis of Double Parton Scattering: Color Correlations, Interference Effects and Evolution

- Double parton interaction 


MC development:

- Sherpa MPI 





- Epos LHC tune

- There are many new observables measured by the LHC experiments which should  be used for tuning MPI, among those underlying event at forward rapidity (CMS) and forward-backward correlations (ATLAS).




We would be very interested to hear your thoughts about it and if you're working on one of these issues. We are planning to meet and further discuss these issues in person at the MPI2012 workshop at CERN.

In the meantime, we would appreciate comments by email to us.
Judith Katzy, Frank Krauss, Zoltan Nagy, Ted Rogers
(judith.katzyATcern.ch, frank.kraussATdurham.ac.uk, zoltan.nagyATdesy.de, tedconantrogersATgmail.com)